Bookish Buzz- Netflix’s Atwood Adaptation

Praise be, there’s a new series based on a Margaret Atwood novel in the works.

Netflix is joining Hulu on the Atwood adaptation bandwagon, with an upcoming miniseries based on Alias Grace.

An historical fiction novel, Alias Grace is based on the true crime story of Grace Marks- a  woman convicted for the murder of her employer in mid-nineteenth-century Canada. Atwood’s novel is a compelling psychological study of a complex female character. It’s the perfect source from which to create an engrossing period drama!




The six episode series- written and produced by Sarah Polley, directed by Mary Harron, and staring Anna Paquin and Sarah Gadon- will premiere in Canada on September 25th. It’ll then appear in your Netflix queue in the following weeks.


Will you be watching Netflix’s Alias Grace?

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