Sunday Salon- August 30, 2017

Here’s what I’ve been reading and enjoying on the internet this week:

-This week Bookriot lets you Find Your Austenian Boo. I got Mr. Knightley, which is right on the nose as he’s my favorite Austen hero at the moment. Who did you get it?

-I always love perusing the yearly Pajiba Ten: The 10 Brainiest, Most Lustful Celebrities on the Planet. The comments, as always, are half the fun.

-Some major ’90s fashion nostalgia at Racked: I Just Want to Dress Like Meredith Blake From ‘The Parent Trap’

-Smithsonian’s When Girls Studied Planets and the Skies Had No Limits is an interesting bit of history I was previously unaware of.

-Loved The Real Buildings Behind Fictional Houses at The Guardian

The Toast returned with new content for one day only!!! I’m trying not to read everything all at once…

-This Mental Floss article is interesting, if rather morbid: 7 Famous People Researchers Want to Exhume

What have you been reading on the Internet? 




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