Beautiful Austen Editions

In celebration of Austen in August, here are some beautiful editions of Jane Austen’s works that would make the perfect addition to any Janeite’s collection:


Harvard University Press Annotated Editions



Folio Society Jane Austen Collection




Vintage Classics 



Pride and Prejudice Unfolded 


Penguin Clothbound Set



Jane Austen in Her Own Hand Boxed Set 



Arcturus Jane Austen Collection



Classics Reimagined, Pride and Prejudice  


Do you have a favorite Austen edition?


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Austen Editions

Add yours

  1. Don’t forget the Cambridge University Press editions edited by Janet Todd 🙂 they tend to be the ones that academics in the UK quote from. They’ve also got lovely burgundy covers and a nice big font… the only problem is they’re too chunky for travelling with… I like my battered little Oxford University Press ones for travelling purposes- much lighter, and I feel less guilty for the destruction they undergo in my backpack… which editions do you own?

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    1. I probably own too many editions! The Oxford University Press books are great for reading-I still have a few from my University course on Austen.

      From this list I own: 3 of the Vintage classics, the HUP Annotated editions, the In Her Own Hand Boxed set, and the 2 illustrated Pride and Prejudice editions.

      My favorite edition would have to be the first Austen I read- my battered copy of P & P from the late 90’s.

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