Sunday Salon August 20, 2017- Austen in August Edition

To celebrate Austen in August, I though it would be fun to feature a Sunday Salon with an Austen theme.

Bellow are ten articles from around the Internet all about our dear Jane:


-The NYT’s Austen film guide: What Would Jane Watch?

-The Hairpin Ranks The Misters Darcy 

-Pajiba goes a step further to rank all of Austen’s heroes. Things get pretty heated in the comments…

Jane Austen at 200: Still a Friend and a Stranger via The Guardian

-According to HuffPost, Mr. Knightly is WAY Better Than Mr. Darcy– and I have to agree

-The Toast’s (RIP, sob) How To Tell If You’re in a Jane Austen Novel 

-Jezebel’s I Almost Lost My Shit in Austenland asks “how much Jane is too much Jane?”

-The Stylist ponders if Jane Austen is the most influential woman of the last 200 years?

-The Washington Post controversially suggests Jane Austen died from arsenic poisoning 

Debating Jane’s Politics 200 Years Later at Vox


Do you have a favorite Austen article?

7 thoughts on “Sunday Salon August 20, 2017- Austen in August Edition

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  1. What a great post! Thank you for the Huff Post link: I loved the Darcy vs. Knightley essay. I just finished Northanger Abbey, and I think Henry Tilney is better than either of them!

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