Sunday Salon- August 27, 2017

Here’s what I’ve been reading on the Internet this week:

-I’m fascinated by Fashion History and so My Life as a Fashion Historian and Costume Curator at The Atlantic was a must-read for me

-Elle’s 27 Best New Fall Books to Read in 2017 is not so great for my massive TBR list

-I can’t get enough of these sneak peaks into Christie’s upcoming auction of Audrey Hepburn’s Personal Collection

-This YA NY Times Bestseller List scandal is INSANE, but also insanely entertaining to read about

-Tonight’s the night! I won’t actually be playing the GFY Game of Thrones Season Finale Drinking Game (although I will totally need some wine), but it did make me laugh. Cannot. Wait.

What have you been reading on the Internet lately?

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