A Halloween Sunday Salon- October 29, 2017

Here’s some of the Halloween related things I’ve been perusing on the Internet lately:

-For me, it’s not really October until I’ve watched Hocus Pocus at least twice. So obviously, I had to read about how the movie Became an Enduring Halloween TV Hit over at Vulture.

-I’ve been listening to tons of Lore episodes lately. I love these lists of “top ten” episodes (List 1) (List 2)-both are great places to start if you’re new to the creepy podcast.

-I’ve also been binging the second season of Stranger Things this weekend. Hellogiggles created this list of 10 Thrilling and Chilling Reads in honor of its release.

-This Smithsonian history of Halloween in America, When Halloween Was All Tricks and No Treats is so fascinating.

-I fell down the rabbit hole of the comments in this Jezebel Scary Stories post. Some of these stories are flat out terrifying. I can’t wait to find out which ones are selected as the winners…


2 thoughts on “A Halloween Sunday Salon- October 29, 2017

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  1. I’m so interested in that Smithsonian article and the podcast, thanks for sharing. I also fell down the rabbit hole of the Jezebel scary stories a few years ago but actually I was afraid to read any more because I couldn’t stop thinking about some of them! And we watched Hocus Pocus in time for Halloween too, the BEST tradition 🙂 Loved this post!

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