Characters I’d Love to Go Shopping With

In honor of Black Friday, I thought it would be fun to consider the characters I’d love to go shopping with. 



Christmas Gift Shopping with the March Sisters

Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy are thoughtful gift givers who know that time spent with family and friends is the best Christmas present of all.



Sample Sale Shopping with Becky Bloomwood

If shopping were an Olympic sport, Becky Bloomwood would be a three-time gold medalist. I would just make sure to leave my credit cards at home and to stick to a strict budget.



Accessories shopping with the Bennet Sisters

From ribbon shopping to bonnet trimming, the Bennet sisters know how to accessorize. Here’s hoping we’ll run into Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley as we’re out and about too.


Book shopping with Francie Nolan, Liesel Meminger, and Matilda Wormwood

Who better to browse for books with than these three bibliophiles?



Window Shopping with Holly Golightly

Say what you will about her, but Holly Golightly can make even window shopping a glamorous adventure.


Which character(s) would you love to go shopping with? 




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