#24in48 Readathon Wrap Up

I had so much fun participating in my first 24 in 48 Readathon over the weekend.

I surpassed my goal of reading for 12 hours, and ended up reading for 13. I even won one of the door prizes!

Here’s what I read:

I finished the stunningly written Margaret the First by Danielle Dutton. I gave this gem five-stars on Goodreads.

I read all of Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson-which I utterly adored and had trouble putting down. Another five-star read.

And I read about 40% of The Persephone Book of Short Stories.

I had hoped to make more progress in another book or two, but I really enjoyed what I did read. None of these were especially quick reads, since I wanted to take my time with each and every word.

Throughout the weekend, I kept up with my progress on Twitter and completed a majority of the fun challenges. I really loved engaging with other readathon participants on that platform as well. The readathon was so well organized and there was a lovely feeling of camaraderie during the entire event.

I fully intend to participate in another #24in48 very soon!

How was your #24in48? Do you plan to participate in the event in the future? 




6 thoughts on “#24in48 Readathon Wrap Up

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  1. You did wonderful! I thought of participating but never did – I’m glad I didn’t make it a definite since my kid gave me his flu on Saturday! Yay for reading for 13 hours … it’s always great when expectations are surpassed.

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