Sunday Salon- February 4, 2018 (Persephone Readathon Edition)

This week’s Sunday Salon is dedicated to all things Persephone Books.

I hope you enjoy browsing these links during the remainder of the #PersephoneReadathon!


Inside the world of Persephone Books

-Nicola Beauman, the founder of Persephone Books, talks about The Books That Made [Her]with AnOther Magazine.

The Woman Behind Persephone Books (via. The F-Word)

Slate’s 112 Shades of Grey is a wonderful profile of our beloved publisher

-The Guardian details: “how Nicola Beauman mad an unlikely success of Persephone Books”


Praise for Persephone

-Culture Stories lists 10 reasons to Love Persephone Books (Not that any of us need convincing!)

A Love Letter to Persephone Books from xoJane

-This Vogue article titled: The Benedict Cumberbatch-Approved Feminist Book Series You Need in Your Home, has got to be the strangest description of Persephone Books EVER

-The Kitchn shines a spotlight on their favorite food-related titles from Persephone Books

-A writer at The Cut explains the surprising way a Persephone Book inspired them to ask for a raise

— Harper’s Bazaar UK profiles Persephone Books in their Bazaar on Books series



-MercysBookishMusings’ Persephone Publisher Spotlight

-Kirsty on Books on Why You Should Read Persephone Books

-From Lil’s Vintage World: Persephone Book Reviews #1 and Persephone Book Reviews #2

-A Persephone Collection at The Book Castle


Podcast Episodes

-The hosts of Tea & Tattle Podcast discuss their favorite Persephone Books

-Simon (at Stuck in a Book) and Rachel (at Book Snob) debate the merits of Persephone vs. Virago in the seventh episode of Tea or Books?


If you have a Persephone-related link you think we should see, share it in the comments!



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