Persephone Readathon Open Post: Day 11

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve reached the final day of the (first) #PersephoneReadathon!

Here’s where you can share what you’re up to during this last stretch of the readathon.

(You can see previous open posts here: days 8-10, 5-7, 2-4, and day 1)

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the rest of your Persephone reading!

I have about thirty pages left in Guard Your Daughters and hope to read a few more short stories from The Persephone Book of Short Stories before the day is over.

I’ll be posting my reviews later today and tomorrow. I’ve really loved all three of my readathon picks, and hope you’ve loved yours too!



(Day 11) Too Many Persephones: List the top three Persephone titles on your TBR/wish list

This is always changing, but at the moment the top three Persephone books on my wish list are:

Greenery Street by Denis Mackail, High Wages by Dorothy Whipple, and Earth and High Heaven by Gwethalyn Graham


The three currently at the top of my TBR list are:

Mariana by Monica Dickens, The Village by Marghanita Laski, and Miss Ranskill Comes Home by Barbara Euphan Todd


Which Persephone books are on the top of your lists?


6 thoughts on “Persephone Readathon Open Post: Day 11

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  1. Great picks! Top of my Persephone TBR list are London War Notes, Heat Lightning, and Long Live Great Bardfield. Top of my wish list are Emmeline; The Journey Home and Other Stories by Malachi Whitaker; and the forthcoming Young Anne by Dorothy Whipple.

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