Sunday Salon- March 18, 2018

Here’s what I’ve been reading on the Internet this week:

-Salon’s Stormy Daniels is a Feminist Hero is an important and insightful read. To wit: “And Daniels might be a safer bet than Mueller, at this point. And wouldn’t that be the most perfect ending to a man who has eluded consequences for his misogyny, in public and private, for years? If Clifford, an entrepreneurial, sex-positive woman, swoops in and causes the collapse of the Trump empire, what more could we ask for in the age of #MeToo?”

-Have you ever wondered what happens to all the costumes used in TV and films? Racked has all the answers in their piece The Afterlife of Movie Wardrobes.

-Buzzfeed’s tongue-in-cheek All the Glamorous Things I Will Do When I am a Rich Old Lady is hilarious and perfect.

-Shondaland explores what happens When Women on Television Get Interrupted.

-It’s almost spring, which means it’s time for all the spring reading lists!! Here are two to get you started: Vulture’s 10 Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Spring, and Buzzfeed’s 21 Exciting New Books You Need to Read This Spring.


What have you been reading on the Internet lately?


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