Wordless Wednesday- 4/18/18

Rothko, Mark. No.3/No.13 (Magenta, Black, Green on Orange). 1949. Oil on canvas. Museum of Modern Art, New York. 

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  1. I know I’m such a philistine, but really, I just don’t get Rothko… 😉

    (My brother was telling me the other week that he came across an article on the internet about a painting by Kandinsky of which he has had a print hanging on his wall for years. Imagine his distress when he found he’d had it upside down all these years! The thing that made me laugh most was that he then tried turning it the ‘right’ way up and didn’t like it at all, so turned it back round again… 🤣)

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    1. That doesn’t make you a philistine; he’s certainly not for everyone! Personally, I’m always in awe of how he managed to use color in such a way as to create the most emotional impact.
      That Kandinsky story is too funny!! Thanks for sharing it, and I hope your brother continues to enjoy his print regardless of the way it’s hung!

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