Bout of Books #22 Wrap-Up

Sadly, Bout of Books #22 has come to an end. I didn’t have nearly as productive a readathon as I had hoped, but I still had a great time participating.

Here’s how I did:


Day 1: 140 pages of The Song of Achilles

Day 2: Finished the final 132 pages of The Song of Achilles

Day 3: Read the first 90 pages of Mariana 

Days 4-5: Only managed 56 pages of Mariana

Days 6-7: Read 149 pages of Mariana, and 33 pages of Friday’s Child

Total pages read: 600



The fact that I didn’t feel very well during the latter half of the week definitely slowed down my progress. I had hoped to finish Mariana, but that didn’t happen.

I really enjoyed my reading time and am already looking forward to August’s Bout of Books #23.


How was your #boutofbooks? Will you be participating in August’s round?

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