Help Pick My Mini #PersephoneReadathon Book

I can’t decide between reading The Village by Marghanita Laski or The Far Cry by Emma Smith for the Mini Persephone Readathon, so I thought it would be fun to have you all pick for me.

I’d love it if you would vote in my Twitter poll below for which book you think I should read this weekend. (I’ve also included the Goodreads descriptions for each novel)

The Village, Marghanita Laski

‘If anyone asked me to describe life in post-war Britain, ‘ commented Sarah Crompton in the Daily Telegraph, ‘I would suggest they read The Village, a 1952 story of lovers divided by class that tells you more about the subtle gradations of life in the Home Counties and the cataclysmic changes wrought by war and a Labour government than any number of plays by JB Priestley or more famous tomes by Greene and Waugh.’

And Charlotte Moore wrote in the Spectator: ‘This traditionally organised novel of English village life is more than a gentle dig at quirky English behaviour. It is a precise, evocative but unsentimental account of a period of transition; it’s an absorbing novel, and a useful piece of social history.’

The Far Cry, Emma Smith

Called ‘a savage comedy with a vicious streak’ by Elizabeth Bowen when it first came out, this novel is the story of Teresa, a teenage girl in the 1940s, whose father suddenly takes her out of school and on a ship to India. Susan Hill in her Afterword calls the book ‘a small masterpiece…beautifully shaped, evocative, moving and mature.’



Thanks in advance for your help! I’m excited to see which book gets the most votes (although I’m sure I can’t go wrong with either)!


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