Sunday Salon- June 17, 2018

Here’s some of what I’ve been reading on the Internet this week:


-I can’t even begin to put the outrage and horror I’m feeling into words, so I’m just going to share these links here in the hopes that they’ll prove useful to you as well: What You Can Do Right Now to Help Fight Trump’s Family-Separation Policy and Seizing Children at the Border is Immoral. Here’s What We Can Do About It.

-Shifting gears to something light and fun, I enjoyed taking Book Riot’s Which Anne of Green Gables Character Are You? Quiz. I got Diana Barry, who did you get?

-The Pool’s Bedtime Bookclub featured excerpts from all of the  Women’s Prize Shortlist. I was especially excited to read the snippets of The IdiotHome Fire, and When I Hit You.

-This well-written article from The Atlantic: The Next Plague is Coming. Is America Ready?   is both fascinating and terrifying.

-Hello Giggles Asked 12 Authors to Share the Book That Changed Their Lives. Do you know what your answer would be? I’ll have to think about mine…


What links have you found interesting lately?


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