Persephone Readathon #2 Open Post: Days 4-5

Welcome back, readathoners! How is your reading going so far?

Here’s where you can share what you’re up to on days four and five of the Persephone Readathon #2. (See Open Post: Day 1, Open Post: Days 2-3)

Don’t forget to share your readathon experience and follow along with #PersephoneReadathon.

As always, more details about the readathon can be found on my Persephone Readathon Page

Discussion Question #3

What was the first Persephone Book you read?



13 thoughts on “Persephone Readathon #2 Open Post: Days 4-5

Add yours

  1. I read a free ebook edition of The Making of a Marchioness by Frances Hodgson Burnett as my first Persephone title, while Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson was the first physical Persephone book I bought and read.


  2. Well, I read Diary of a Provincial Lady back in 2010, but it hadn’t been published as a Persephone yet so I don’t know if I can count it. I did read Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day shortly afterward. I had bought it a couple of years before at my college bookstore (I think I recognized the title from the movie. I’ve since gone down the rabbit hole of mid-century women’s fiction and I’ve loved every minute of it — I’ve discovered so many wonderful books and blogs because of Persephone!

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    1. Miss Pettigrew was my first Persephone edition as well. I believe it’s their bestseller, and I would bet it’s also the one most people pick up first.

      You make an excellent point about Persephone books leading to other lovely books and book blogs. It’s definitely one of my favorite things about them!


  3. My first Persephone was Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day as well. I have since read others that I’ve loved more, but I will always have special memories of that one!


  4. I read The Making of the Marchioness first but it wasn’t the Persephone edition. Ditto for The Shuttle. The first Persephone title that I read in a Persephone edition was Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day.

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  5. Flush was my first Persephone read, but that was while I was in high school before there was a Persephone Books at all. Yup, Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day was my first Persephone in a Persephone edition (audiobook). I listened to it while I was home with a broken ankle and loved Miss P, but it took me awhile longer to learn about the publisher and their long list of great books.

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    1. Ooh, I bet Miss Pettigrew is delightful as an audiobook! (The broken ankle sounds way less delightful of course.) I’ll definitely have to listen to it in the future.


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