Persephone Readathon #2 Open Post: Days 8-9

This has been a difficult week. I haven’t gotten as much reading, blogging, or blog hopping in as I had planned. What little bit I have managed however, has served as a nice distraction. I hope that’s been the case for you all as well. Enjoy these last few days of the readathon!

Here’s where you can share what you’re up to on days eight and nine of the Persephone Readathon #2. (See Open Post: Day 1, Open Post: Days 2-3Open Post: Days 4-5, Open Post: Days 6-7)

Don’t forget to share your readathon experience and follow along with #PersephoneReadathon.

As always, more details about the readathon can be found on my Persephone Readathon Page

Discussion Question #5

What are two or three things you love most about Persephone Books?


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9 thoughts on “Persephone Readathon #2 Open Post: Days 8-9

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    1. I agree! I love that they’ve (re)introduced so many forgotten/unknown works that would be almost impossible to track down otherwise. Even better: the fact that the majority are written by women.

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  1. Agree with everything already said. They have a great mix of titles, too — some of my favorites have been non-fictional. And, they are such beautiful, well-made books — the matching bookmarks!

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  2. I agree with everything said, they are such satisfying books to read, beautifully bound and containing great stories! And the endpapers mirroring an aspect from the story is a lovely touch too.

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