Confessions of a Persephone Books Lover

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my Persephone Books confessions…


-I still haven’t read any of Dorothy Whipple’s novels. I’ve been saving her work since I’m hoping I’ll love it as much as everyone else seems to. After all, she must be Persephone Books best-selling author for a reason!*

-I’m still kicking myself for not visiting the Persephone Bookshop when I was in London. It was just after I had discovered them, but I thought a visit would be too dangerous considering the lack of space in my suitcase, as well as the lack of funds in my bank account at the time. Fingers crossed I’ll get a second chance to correct my mistake soon.

-As much as I love both, I do prefer the film adaptation of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day over the book.

-Sadly, I have many more Persephone Books than I do Persephone bookmarks.

-If Persephone Books sold scarves or dresses in the same print as some of their gorgeous endpapers, I would be first in line to buy them.

-I’ve run out of space on my Persephone Books shelf.**


What are some of your Persephone confessions?


*I do own copies of Someone at a Distance, Greenbanks, and The Priory. Let me know which one you think I should read first!

**To be fair, it is only one shelf on a smaller than average bookshelf. But still…


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  1. I also prefer the film version of Miss Pettigrew to the book, but part of the reason for that is that the film included some perspective about the historical moment they were in. Winifred Watson didn’t have that perspective when writing the book, so I can’t hold that against it. The only thing about the book that I wish was a bit different is that the film gave more development to the romances so I was more emotionally invested.

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  2. I’ve only read Someone at a Distance and Greenbanks. You can’t go wrong with either one imo. My favorite was Greenbanks, which is more of a family saga, but I liked them both. My confessions…hmmm….Dorothy Whipple is a good writer, but my favorite Persephone fiction authors (so far) are Marghanita Laski, D.E. Stevenson, and R. C. Sherriff. I have more Persephone bookmarks than books (because Persephone used to send a bookmark with each issue of their semi-annual mailing). I sometimes think the bookmarks are too pretty to use, but I use them anyway ;). And a Persephone endpaper tote would be pretty cool, but how would one ever decide between them?

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    1. I’ve really enjoyed all of the novels by Marghanita Laski and D.E. Stevenson I’ve read so far too. Glad to hear you’d recommend Greenbanks and Someone at a Distance, and I’ll have to try Sherriff’s work soon as well. I’ve actually had my mom (who’s a teacher) laminate the bookmarks for me, and now I don’t have to worry about accidentally ruining them. I agree that it would be almost impossible to decide between all the endpapers for a scarf or tote!


    1. Thanks, Karen! Ooh, definitely check out the film soon. It’s such a great comfort watch. I’m glad we’re in the same boat in regards to lack of bookmarks and lack of shelf space!


  3. I have read those Dorothy Whipple’s and loved them! I really must see the film of Miss Pettigrew, I think I might prefer it to the book and I agree about RC Sheriff, I think he’s my favourite.

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    1. Very happy to hear you loved all three of them, Jane! I highly recommend watching the film adaptation. It’s one of my favorite comfort watches and always manages to brighten my mood. It sounds like I definitely need to read some RC Sheriff ASAP!

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  4. I visited last week for the third time this summer haha – it’s my favourite bookshop and I finally treated myself to a Persephone book purchased from the shop! I was going to buy Dorothy Whipple but I really didn’t have enough space in my suitcase to take back home so I bought The Far Cry by Emma Smith instead. And I also prefer the film adaptation of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day although I love the book as well!

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    1. Yay! Congrats on your first purchase from the Persephone shop, Rachel! I really enjoyed The Far Cry and think it was an excellent choice. There’s just something about the Miss Pettigrew film, isn’t there?! It’s definitely one of my favorite comfort watches.


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