Currently Coveting: Morris & Co x H&M Collection

H&M’s latest designer collaboration is here and selling out fast! This time around, the retailer is partnering with the iconic British heritage brand Morris & Co., to bring some of their founder William Morris’ famous prints to the fashionable masses.



As H&M notes:

Nature, style and time combine in our collaboration with Morris & Co, the iconic British wallpaper & fabrics brand. Get lost in a world of exquisite original patterns and modern tributes to the work of William Morris, one of the nineteenth century’s most celebrated designers.







You can see more of the limited edition collection here.

What do you think about this collaboration? Anything in particular catch your eye? Do you have a favorite William Morris print?

Although I’m sure William Morris would have something to say about the fact that his designs are being mass-produced as fast fashion, it’s hard to resist the opportunity to dress in some of my favorite nineteenth century prints.

I’ve ordered this dress in the Lily Leaf print, but I’m not sure I’m going to like the way it looks on me. I’m really hoping that this top and/or this skirt find their way to the U.S. online store soon.






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11 thoughts on “Currently Coveting: Morris & Co x H&M Collection

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    1. Oh for sure! I think he’d love the fact that the collection was available to so many people, but he probably wouldn’t like the fact that the clothes are mass-produced and not exactly made from natural materials haha.

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    1. It’s the perfect collaboration! While I’d love to have a wall of vintage William Morris wallpaper, I’ll happy settle for a Morris print hanging in my closet.


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