Bout of Books #24 Wrap-Up

I really enjoyed participating in Bout of Books #24 this past week. I was able to accomplish my main goal and am very happy with my reading totals. Bring on Bout of Books #25!

Here’s how I did:

Days 1 & 2

Day 3

Pages Read: 167

What I Read: Finished A Well-Behaved Woman, read from The Clockmaker’s Daughter

Books Finished: 1

Day 4

Pages Read: 107

What I Read: Finished The Clockmaker’s Daughter 

Books Finished: 2

Day 5

Pages Read: 0

What I Read: Nothing

Books Finished: 2

Day 6

Pages Read: 240

What I Read: The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

Books Finished: 2

Day 7

Pages Read: 245

What I Read: Finished The Dreamers, started reading Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

Books Finished: 3


Total Pages Read: 1,095

Total Books Finished



How was your #BoutofBooks? 

Are you looking forward to Bout of Books #25?

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