Wordless Wednesday- 4/24/19

Vermeer, Johannes. Officer and a Laughing Girl. ca. 1657. Oil on canvas. The Frick Collection, New York City, NY. 

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  1. Hi Jessie! I’m running behind on your Wordless Wednesday, which I really, really enjoy. This one is a real treat — I love Vermeer and this is one of my favorites. Don’t you get the impression that the gallant guy is bringing a sense of adventure and the great world into this quiet room and that the girl is just loving it?

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    1. I adore Vermeer too, Janakay! I wanted to feature one of his paintings that isn’t quite as popular/well-known; I’m thrilled that it happens to be one of your favorites! I agree with your impression and think the girl’s laughter is genuine and that she is completely captivated by him. With the open window, map, and his vibrant uniform, it’s as if his presence is broadening her horizons and expanding her world view. I only wish we could eavesdrop on their conversation!


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