Persephone Readathon #3 Open Post: Day 1

Welcome to the third round of the Persephone Readathon!

I hope you are as excited as I am to read, review, and chat about Persephone Books over the next ten days.

Keep scrolling for some important readathon details…

A few reminders:

-The readathon runs from Friday, May 31st through Sunday, June 9th.

Don’t forget to sign up here. You can link to a sign-up/TBR post, to your blog homepage, or to your Instagram or Twitter accounts. (If you have an issue with the link up, you can leave your link in the comments section of the sign-up post instead.) You can still sign up at any point during the readathon!

– Share your readathon experience and follow along with #PersephoneReadathon.

-If you have past Persephone reviews/posts that you’d like to repost during the readathon, feel free to do so!

-The optional readalong book is Flush by Virginia Woolf. You can download a free eBook here.

-More details about the readathon can be found on my Persephone Readathon Page


What to expect:

– There will be an open post for each two-day period of the readathon (i.e. Days 2-3, Days 4-5 etc) plus a final one for Day 10. The point of these posts is to provide a central place to link to blog/social media posts, share completed challenges, discuss reading plans and progress, and to chat about all things Persephone Books.

-Each open post will also include a discussion question/prompt to help kickstart some fun Persephone chats in the comments section.

-You can find the list of ten optional challenges here. Feel free to share any of your responses on your blog, on social media, and/or in the comments section of the open posts.

Enjoy the readathon and happy Persephone reading!


Discussion Question #1

How did you first discover Persephone Books?


Header image taken from @persephonebooks instagram account

15 thoughts on “Persephone Readathon #3 Open Post: Day 1

Add yours

  1. Really excited to be joining in with this, Jessie – thanks for hosting! I think I first became aware of Persephone books through the posts of fellow bloggers. I love how much broader my reading tastes have become thanks to this wonderful blogging community of ours. 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad you’re participating, Liz! I think my first introduction to Persephone Books was through book bloggers too, long before I ever even thought about starting my own blog. My reading life would be sadly diminished if I had never stumbled across the book blogging community!

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  2. I think I became aware of Persephone through the internet and spotting those grey books and wondering what it was all about! And then when I spotted one ‘out in the wild’ at a charity shop I just had to pick it up and that was me hooked! Love discovering so many new authors that I’d never heard about! ooh and those end papers!!

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    1. I feel like the majority of us probably discovered them via the internet in some way or another. You’re right that once you’ve read one/held one in your hands, you’re hooked for life! They truly are special, inside and out.


    2. I love the image of a book out in the wild. I’m a holdover from the paper generation and love second-hand bookstores, in part for the sheer randomness of what I find there. Not just what’s in print, what someone’s pushing this season, but a book someone bought and read and let go–well, as you said, out into the wild to find a new reader.

      As a (deeply obscure) writer, when I find one of my books in a used bookstore, I’m both cheered up and depressed. Someone bought a copy and it’s still in circulation, looking for another reader. Wonderful. Someone didn’t love it enough to keep it. Depression.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I really like that image too, Ellen! It’s understandable that you’d feel a mix of emotions when you stumble across one of your books in a used bookstore, but I hope you can focus more on the happy idea that your book has been read by one or more readers in its previous life and is now waiting to be discovered by someone new. It will have multiple lives and impact multiple readers!

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