#PersephoneReadathon Flush Readalong Discussion Post: Chapters 1-3

Here is a place for anyone participating in the readalong* of Flush by Virginia Woolf to discuss the first three chapters. I’ll put up another post for chapters 4-6 later in the readathon. (ICYMI, you can download a free eBook version here.)

I’ve posted a few questions/prompts to get things started, but feel free to chat about whatever springs to mind.

*Or anyone who has previously read the book and want’s to join in

I’ll try to update this list as I get further into the reading myself.


-What are your expectations going in?

-Are you familiar with Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s life and work? Do you have a favorite poem of hers?

-Can you think of any other books told from the perspective of a dog? 

-Have you read anything else by Virginia Woolf? If so, how does Flush compare and contrast so far?

-What are your first impressions?

-Is there a passage that jumped out at you?

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