Persephone Readathon #3 Open Post: Days 6-7

The readathon seems to be flying by! Have you finished (one of) your Persephone reads?

(Here are the Open Posts for Day One, Days 2-3, and Days 4-5)

Don’t forget to share your readathon experience and follow along with #PersephoneReadathon.

As always, more details about the readathon can be found on my Persephone Readathon Page


Discussion Question #4

Which books are at the top of your Persephone wish list?

At the moment,  High Wages by Dorothy Whipple and The Fortnight in September by R.C. Sherriff are at the top of mine.

7 thoughts on “Persephone Readathon #3 Open Post: Days 6-7

Add yours

  1. I expect to finish Flush today and start my next book, Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, which coincidentally has a Virginia Woolf connection since it was originally published by the Woolfs’ Hogarth Press. The Fortnight In September is one of my favorite Persephones—hope you enjoy it once you get to it. Top of my wish list are: The New House and To Bed With Grand Music.


  2. Top of my wish list currently, in no particular order: The Far Cry by Emma Smith, London War Notes by Mollie Panter-Downes, Greengates by R C Sherriff (once I’ve read The Fortnight in September), Milton Place by Elisabeth de Waal, and any Dorothy Whipples I can lay my hands on!


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