Bookish Buzz: Victor Hugo Google Doodle

Today's Google Doodle honors the anniversary of the completion of Les Miserables on this date in 1862. How great are these doodles?!:   I started reading Les Miserables a few years ago but then put it down. I really need to pick it up again soon! Have you read Les Miserables? 

Bookish Buzz- Millennials Love Libraries

Millennials love more than just avocado toast. It turns out we also love our public libraries.  New research conducted by the Pew Research Center suggests that Millennials are more likely to use a public library than any other generation. About half of American 18-35 year olds have visited a public library or a public library's... Continue Reading →

Bookish Buzz: Subway Library

There's great news for Bookish NYC commuters today. The NYPL, Brooklyn Public Library, and Queens Library have joined forces with the help of Transit Wireless to provide a selection of free ebooks  and excerpts for subway riders to enjoy. The Subway Library project begins today and lasts for six weeks. What a perfect way to... Continue Reading →

Bookish Buzz: Baileys Prize 2017 Winner

Today, the winner of the celebrated Baileys* Prize for Fiction was announced. For those who don't know, the Baileys Prize is "the UK's most prestigious annual book award for fiction written by a woman." Each year, selected books are first organized into a longlist and then whittled down to a shortlist from which one winner is... Continue Reading →