Classics Club Spin #17 Review: Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Heidi, Johanna Spyri First Published 1880 Most of us are no doubt familiar with at least some aspects of the plot of this iconic Children's Classic. Heidi is the story of a young orphan girl who is brought to live with her reclusive grandfather on his farm high in the Swiss Alps. Here she sleeps on a... Continue Reading →

Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon (April 2018) TBR

One of my favorite bookish events, Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon, is this Saturday! This will be my second time participating, and I'm excited to get a substantial amount of reading done, as well as to interact with other readers. I will definitely not be reading for the full 24 hours though. Here are the books... Continue Reading →

Classics Club Spin #17 Results

The results for the Classics Club Spin #17 are in!! The number selected was 3, which means I'll be reading...   Heidi by Johanna Spyri I'm very happy about this, since I've been meaning to pick up Heidi for the past few months. I have fond memories of watching the film and mini-series versions as a child... Continue Reading →

Classics Club Spin #17 List

I'm so excited that another Classics Club Spin has been announced! This will be spin #17, and my second time participating since I joined the Classics Club last July. Next Friday, March 9th, a number from 1-20 will be chosen and I will then have until April 30th to read the book from my list... Continue Reading →

#24in48 Readathon Sign-Up and TBR

I've decided to attempt the #24in48 Readathon this weekend. If you’re new to 24in48, this is the basic gist: beginning at 12:01am on Saturday morning and running through 11:59pm on Sunday night, participants read for 24 hours out of that 48-hour period. You can split that up however you’d like: 20 hours on Saturday, four... Continue Reading →

Classics Club Spin #16 Results

And the Classics Club Spin #16 pick is.... :::drumroll please::: Number 4! Which means I need to read 1984 by George Orwell before December 31st. Honestly, this would have been my last choice from my spin list. I've been meaning to read it for ages-and it is certainly more relevant than ever at the moment-but I can't say that... Continue Reading →