#PersephoneReadathon Daily Challenge List

Hello readathoners! I’ve put together a list of  daily challenges for those who are interested. (These are completely optional!)

You can share your responses on your blog, on social media with #PersephoneReadathon, and/or in the comments of the open posts (more info tomorrow).

If you miss a day and would still like to post your challenge after the fact, feel free to do so. Hope you enjoy these!

(Day 1) First Impressions: Tell us how you discovered Persephone Books and/or the first Persephone book you read

(Day 2) Photogenic Persephones: Share a photo of your Persephone collection and/or your readathon TBR stack

(Day 3) Time Travel: Tell us which decade you are currently “visiting” and share your favorite historical period(s)

(Day 4) Author Shout-out: Shine a spotlight on a neglected woman writer you wish more people knew about

(Day 5) Read This: Give a book recommendation/readalike based on a Persephone title

(Day 6) In Six Words: Describe your current Persephone read in 6 words

(Day 7) Quote This: Share a quote from one of your readathon books

(Day 8) Page to Screen: Share the Persephone title you would most like to see adapted for the screen. Include your dream cast if you’d like.

(Day 9) Beautiful Endpapers: Show us a photo of your current book’s endpapers/your favorite Persephone endpapers/or design your own endpapers

(Day 10) Reader’s Request: Name a book or author you wish Persephone Books published

(Day 11) Too Many Persephones: List the top three Persephone titles on your TBR/wish list




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