Top Ten Tuesday: Fall TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme created by The Broke and the Bookish blog.

This week’s topic is: Top Ten Books On My Fall TBR List

Fall is my favorite (reading) season. There are so many books I’m excited about picking up in the next few months. Here are the ones currently at the top of my TBR list:




1. The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry

I have been dying to read The Essex Serpent for what seems like forever now. At some point, I decided to save Sarah Perry’s buzzed about novel for the fall. The story itself seems like a perfect match for the season, and I imagine it will be ideal to devour on a chilly autumnal weekend. Honestly, I’ve been looking forward to this read for so long that I’m a little worried it won’t live up to my high expectations.

2. Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

This Victorian “Sensation” novel sounds like ridiculous, over-the-top fun. I hope Lady Audley’s Secret will be an entertaining read with plenty of mystery and melodrama.

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3. Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo

This is one of my (languishing) Netgalley ARCs that I’m really looking forward to. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this well-written debut novel. I wouldn’t be surprised if StayWith Me becomes one of my favorite books of the year.

4. Doomsday Book by Connie Willis 

After loving Willis’ To Say Nothing of the Dog, I can’t wait to dive into the rest of the Oxford Time Travel series. Doomsday Book is actually the first in the series (which can be read out of order for the most part) and is set during the Black Death epidemics of the Middle Ages. Just as TSNOTD with its Victorian boating on the river and games of croquet felt like a summer read, this bleaker and more somber novel feels like a fall read.

5. Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh

Full confession: I’ve had Brideshead Revisited on my Fall TBR list for the past two years. Waugh’s classic has always seemed like an autumnal read to me. Hopefully, I can cross it off my list this time!

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6. The Night Watch or Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters ended up being one of my favorite books of the summer. I’m already craving more of her work, but can’t decide between The Night Watch and its drama set in Blitz ravaged London, or the twisty Victorian era caper that is Fingersmith. Feel free to try to sway me in one direction or the other in the comments… I’m trying to pace myself with her oeuvre, but I might just have to read both novels soon!

7. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Fall is always a good time of year to curl up with a Christie novel. I especially want to read her famous Murder on the Orient Express before the movie comes out in November.

Relevant Challenges: R.I.P., Classics Club

8. Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase

I loved Eve Chase’s latest release The Wildling Sisters so much that I had to seek out her debut novel. Black Rabbit Hall sounds like an ideal autumnal read with plenty of gothic atmosphere. There’s something about this time of year that makes me crave books about crumbling country estates and complicated family secrets.

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9. Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher 

I had intended to read this coming-of-age novel over the summer, but sadly never got around to it. I’m so excited to read my first Pilcher, and think her books will become new favorite comfort reads. Coming Home will be ideal to curl up with on a rainy fall day with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket.

10. Dragonwyck by Anya Seton

I’ve been meaning to read Dragonwyck ever since I first discovered it a few years ago. Seton’s historical novel-set in the nineteenth-century at in estate in upstate New York-is often compared to two of my all-time favorite classics: Jane Eyre and Rebecca. I love getting lost in a good gothic novel, especially at this time of the year.

Relevant Challenges: R.I.P.



What are some of the books at the top of your fall TBR list? 





37 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Fall TBR List

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  1. We’re both reading an Agatha Christie novel! This a wonderful list because I haven’t read a few of these books; so glad to find some new recs! Also, I see you’re joining the Vctober challenge? I’ve been thinking about it as well 😀

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  2. I have the Essex Serpent at home and am hoping to get to it soon. It sounds really good. The Night Watch and Fingersmith both are going on my TBR list. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.

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  3. That’s a great list. Lady Audley’s Secret is certainly melodramatic and over the top, but I loved it! Dragonwyck and The Essex Serpent will be good autumnal choices too – I enjoyed both.

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  4. I’m planning to read The Essex Serpent too – as you know. I’ll be interested, if I do get to it, to see what you make of it reading it at a similar time. I also have Stay With Me and a few Sarah Waters books on my TBR shelves. I tried The Paying Guests when it first came out, and I’m sorry to say I ended up putting it aside… and never going back to it. I have heard it’s not necessarily the best place to start with Waters’ books though, so I plan to try her other books and go back to it if I get along better with them. I’ve heard fantastic things about Fingersmith, so I’d say if you’re only going to get to one, that seems to be a solid hit. However Night Watch is also one I’m intrigued by as I enjoy WWII books and I think it was also well received. I’ll look forward to hearing what you think of whichever you get to (or both!) as that might help me decide which I should try first! I read the Doomsday Book in uni for a women’s studies course and it was actually a lot better than I expected. I think it is an excellent pick for autumn, as well. Great post, and wonderful selection of books! Thanks for stopping by my blog – happy to have found you in return!

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    1. Thanks so much! Hopefully we’ll both enjoy The Essex Serpent! I’ve heard that even a lot of Sarah Waters fans weren’t in love with The Paying Guests. It’s definitely a quieter, slower-paced novel. The only other novel of hers I’ve read so far is The Little Stranger. I’d definitely recommend it as an atmospheric autumnal read. Glad to hear you enjoyed Doomsday Book and think it’s a good pick for this time of year. Look forward to seeing how your fall reading goes too!


  5. Great list. I look forward to your thoughts on Doomsday Book (To Say Nothing of the Dog is on my TBR)

    I’d go with Fingersmith for your next Sarah Waters, if you haven’t been spoiled already. It’s the kind of thing where you’re best off knowing as little as possible when you go into it.

    I love Anya Seton. I didn’t think Dragonwyck quite reached the level of Jane Eyre or Rebecca, but I think that it was trying to do other things. But as far as gothic, romantic, suspense goes, it’s still pretty good.

    I’d love to know your thoughts on Lady Audley’s Secret after you read it.

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    1. Thanks Fran! I’ve successfully avoided Fingersmith spoilers so far. I know there are tons of twists and turns, so I’ve tried not to read too much about it. I should probably start it before I do accidentally learn something I shouldn’t know!

      I’m not expecting Dragonwyck to match the brilliance of JE or Rebecca, but I’m happy to hear it is suitably gothic, suspenseful, and romantic! It will be fun to read a gothic novel set in the US for a change as well.

      Have you read Lady Audley’s Secret or any of Willis’ novels other than Doomsday?


  6. The Essex Serpent is definitely a perfect autumn read! It took me a while to get into but I loved it. It’s very atmospheric, misty and Gothic which seems ideal for this time of year! I hope you like it! I read Brideshead Revisited last year and was surprised how much I fell into the story. There are some brilliant characters in that book!

    I’ve never read a Christie novel, which seems crazy considering how much I love all the TV adaptations. I’d love to read some of her work soon!

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    1. Thanks! I’m happy to hear you (eventually) enjoyed The Essex Serpent and found it to be so atmospheric too. Brideshead Revisited does sound like a great classic to become immersed in with incredibly complex characters.

      I’ve only recently started reading Christie’s novels in the last few years, but I’d recommend And Then There Were None as a good place to start. It was the first of hers that I read and is still my favorite.

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  7. Great list!
    I loved The Essex Serpent. The writing is just beautiful, and I loved the story too (and also the cover, not that that should be very important, but it helps :))
    I read Fingersmtih a few years back and hope to re-read it again soon because I remember really enjoying it. I really hope Sarah Waters writes something new soon.
    And Then There Were None has started a liking for Christie for me, so might check out Orient Express next, although knowing me I’ll probably end up seeing the new movie first.
    I’d never heard of Dragonwyck but comparisons to Jane Eyre make that an instant add to my TBR list as that’s one of my favourite classics.

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    1. Thanks! The Essex Serpent covers are so stunning, right?! Happy to hear you enjoyed it and Fingersmith too! I’m right there with you crossing my fingers for Sarah Waters to release a new book soon. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books as well. I hope Dragonwyck will be a great Gothic read even if it can’t possibly compete with JE.

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  8. I am planning to reread Murder on the Orient Express soon, hopefully in time for the new film – normally I don’t reread mysteries but that one was so enjoyable that I am definitely hoping to revisit it. Good list 🙂

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  9. Great list! I read Stay With Me earlier this year and adored – such a strong debut and definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year – and when it comes to Sarah Waters Fingersmith is considered her masterpiece, and would be a great read for the autumn. The Little Stranger and Affinity are brilliant reads around Halloween, too. ^_^

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    1. Thanks! I’m happy to hear you loved Stay With Me-it sounds like a phenomenal read and I can’t wait to start it. Right now, I’m leaning towards reading Fingersmith, although there is a part of me that also wants to save it. I read and absolutely loved The Little Stranger a couple years ago. I agree-It’s definitely an atmospheric and creepy read that’s perfect for this time of year!


  10. Ah – some old friends on your list here 🙂 I really enjoyed Coming Home in terms of comfort reading. I read it on my year abroad. I also have The Essex Serpent on my TBR although I always struggle with giving myself reading lists as I always end up rebelling against them …

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