Watchlist: Howards End

I’m a bit obsessed with the new BBC adaptation of Howards End

Full confession, I’ve watched both of the first two episodes twice so far. I’m especially enjoying the cinematography, costumes, fast-paced dialogue, and the suburb acting.

Image Source: BBC

I’m utterly in love with the entire eccentric Schlegel clan. The relationship between the siblings-with their quips, boisterous arguments, and fierce affection-is charming and engaging. I love that the Schlegels are often wearing red or another vibrant color in comparison to the more monotone, subdued Wilcoxes.

Hayley Atwell is killing it as Margaret, and Mathew Macfadyen has made me like Henry Wilcox much more than I probably should. The real MVP however is the hilarious and endearingly annoying Tibby.

The adaptation feels both true to Forester’s book while also being refreshingly modern and incredibly relevant. I can’t wait to watch the final two episodes, though I suspect I will be very sad to see the end of Howards End. 

Image Source: BBC

This miniseries is making me want to abandon all of my reading plans and reread Howards End instead. It might also influence me to pick up Zadie Smith’s On Beauty (which I abandoned earlier this year) again.


Howards End is a four part miniseries currently airing on BBC, and premiering on Starz in 2018. Are you/will you be watching? 




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  1. Definitely. I have a fondness for the 1992 film, but I’m always open to discovering new interpretations of favorites. And I think that in some ways miniseries lend themselves to adaptations more so than films do.

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