4 Publishers That Should Be On Your Radar If You Love Persephone Books

Let’s be honest, there is no other publisher quite like Persephone Books.  That said, there are a few who embody some of the same qualities as our beloved Persephone.

Here are four publishers/imprints that you may want to check out if you are a Persephone fan.

Virago Modern Classics

I’m sure the majority of Persephone fans are also familiar with Virago Modern Classics. A love for one often leads to a love of the other, and the two publishers even reprint some of the same titles and authors. But I couldn’t not include VMC on this list.

For anyone who is unaware, Virago Modern Classics is an “international publisher of books by women for all readers, everywhere.” This year they are celebrating forty years of championing neglected books by women writers!

Furrowed Middlebrow

Furrowed Middlebrow is a collaboration between Dean Street Press and the Furrowed Middlebrow blog run by Scott. The imprint publishes books from ~1910-1960 by “lesser-known British women novelists and memorists.”

Much like Persephone, Furrowed Middlebrow celebrates the middlebrow novel and seeks to republish forgotten works from the genre. Each book in their catalogue is available in both physical and ebook formats.


Greyladies is a small publisher that re-publishes “well-mannered books by ladies long gone.” Their books all feature pale yellow striped covers and can be grouped into categories such as village and family life, greyladies at war, a little light romance, school & college, and crime.

They’ve even published books by Persephone authors such as D. E. Stevenson, Richmal Crompton, and Noel Streatfeild.

Peirene Press

A niche London publishing house, Peirene Press specializes in English translations of contemporary European novels and novellas. They only publish books that are “less than 200 pages that can be read in the same time it takes to watch a film.”

Like Persephone books, Peirene books are beautiful and well-designed paperbacks. The publisher also offers book subscriptions and hosts literary events.


Do you have a favorite publisher from this list? Is there another publisher that reminds you of Persephone Books?



14 thoughts on “4 Publishers That Should Be On Your Radar If You Love Persephone Books

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  1. I’ve read quite a few Viragos and loved most of them, loved their green paperbacks with the beautiful covers which are apparently coming back. I’ve just started collecting the Furrowed Middlebrows, I’ve read and loved The Lark and I have two more unread on the shelves. Must checkout Greyladies and Peirene press as well!

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    1. Yes- I’m excited about the 40th anniversary VMC editions with the green spines! I haven’t yet read any Greyladies or Peirene titles, but hope to do so soon. I’ve loved all three of the Furrowed Middlebrow novels I’ve read and can’t wait to read more, including The Lark! Which two do you have on your shelves?


  2. Yeah, hey a shout out to Furrowed Middlebrow–I’ve read all the ones you’ve published (except a couple that just didn’t appeal); loved them and want you to do more!! I haven’t looked at Greyladies in a while, so thanks for the reminder. I’m a veteran of reading Angela Thirkell, over a long lifetime have read them all in a row about five times and I am working on a scholarly article about her which may become not so scholarly and be posted on my blog if I don’t get around to sending it to a journal soon. I have all kinds of editions of Thirkell, but the Virago Modern Classics are among the most beautiful. I also think I’ll do a blog on my collection of Rumer Godden’s. I have multiple editions of her most of her works and the cover illustrations are interesting in how they show cultural changes. Sorry, that got a bit off topic.

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      1. Don’t hold your breath for the Rumer Godden blog–it will need to come after a dozen or so review blogs for A Century of Books, plus a series I’m working on about songs about heaven. However, if you want to start reading her–China Court, The Kitchen Madonna, and In This House of Brede would be good starts.

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