Sunday Salon- April 22, 2018

Here’s what I’ve been reading on the Internet lately:


-Buzzfeed is back with another fun Austen quiz: We’ll Tell You Which Two Jane Austen Heroines Are Most Like You. I got Emma and Fanny which seems fairly accurate based on their explanation, but are not the two I would’ve guessed I’d be matched with. Which two heroines are most like you?

-This piece at Splinter, ‘It’s Always There’: Going Back to Columbine 19 Years Later, is an emotional and insightful read.

12 Angry Women-a satire over at The Belladonna- is equal parts amusing and rage-inducing.

-I owned several of the items on Apartment Therapy’s list of 90’s Home Decor Trends. I was so excited to get my own see-through phone like the one Clarissa had on Clarissa Explains it All.

-I’ll definitely be reading these excerpts from The Lido by Libby Page over at The Pool’s Bedtime Bookclub. It sounds like a charming spring/summer read.


What have you been reading on the Internet lately?


8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon- April 22, 2018

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  1. Ooh, I got Lizzy and Elinor – my two favourite characters! The little explanation does actually sound like me too, unfortunately… “The Elinor in you means you’re polite even when people are rude to you, but like Lizzy you sure know how to hold a grudge.” 🤣

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  2. I also got Emma and Fanny – which I actually agree with, but the description at the bottom didn’t fit me at all haha. Staying in isn’t my favourite thing and I’m not very confident or self-assured! Out of curiosity, what period drama did you pick?

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    1. That was a tough choice! I went with War and Peace in the end, only because I’ve been wanting to re-watch it lately. I could’ve easily picked any of them though (except for Wolf Hall which I still haven’t watched). Which one did you choose?


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