Sunday Salon- January 21, 2018

Here’s some of what I’ve been reading on the Internet this week:

-Another week, another Most Anticipated Books of 2018 list. I couldn’t not share this one from The Millions. It may just be the best one yet.

At the NYT, Lindy West brilliantly weighs in on the discussion of consent in the wake of that Aziz Ansari article.

-Sadly, there was no new episode of The Good Place this week, but I did enjoy reading about the show online. (Season 1 Spoilers ahead)  Racked explores the ways in which clothing is used as a subtle form of torture on the show. And Vulture lists Every Celebrity That Tahani Has Name-Dropped, while Newsweek lists Everything That Belongs in Hell, According to ‘The Good Place.

-FiveThirtyEight has created The Next Bechdel Test to better address inequality in film.

-Let’s celebrate 11 Incredible Books by Writers from ‘Shithole’ Countries- via Electric Literature.

What have you been reading on the Internet lately? 


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